Goal 1: Improvements in New Mexico water governance

State water policy promotes water conservation and sharing, protects environmental values, and supports disadvantaged communities. Communities have the tools they need to tackle aridification and water scarcity and build water security and equity for people and nature.

Goal 2: Advances in water resilience in the state’s most populous and vulnerable river basins

Communities have developed integrated water resources management plans and invested in strategies that reduce pressure on existing water supplies and strengthen economic resilience. Local projects have produced information about the applicability, scalability, and co-benefits of these strategies.

Goal 3. Greater capacity and alignment among the state’s water management organizations

State, tribal, and local governments have secured and mobilized federal, state, and private funds for critically needed water projects. Community leaders have developed a shared vision for water resilience and are working together to achieve this vision.

Goal 4: Sound and comprehensive science to support planning and management

Development of robust water research, data, monitoring, and decision-support systems, including full implementation of the New Mexico Water Data Initiative. Integration of traditional water management knowledge into policy, planning, and management.