Community Funding Focus Areas

The Foundation’s Community Funding Program supports organizations in the following fields of interest: human services, education, racial justice, homelessness and policy.

Human Services

At the Thornburg Foundation, we support organizations that promote the health of youth, families, and communities by assisting individuals and families with essential needs like food, housing, critical social services, and more.


The Thornburg Foundation dedicates funding to support statewide, high-achieving arts mastery program schools, high quality, impactful youth programs and support services for students. The Foundation recognizes that combining students’ passion for the arts and hiqh- quality education keeps students engaged and teaches tools of resilience that are long term determinants of educational success. We also recognize the importance of supportive services for keeping students in school.

Racial Justice

Since 2020, the Thornburg Foundation has made $100,000 in grants each year to nonprofits dedicated to advancing racial justice.  These organizations lead the demand for a change in policing,  legal representation for minorities, and addressing other needs of diverse and underserved communities. Click here to read our full statement on racial justice.


Currently, Santa Fe is in a housing shortage crisis along with a spike in housing costs. Making sure that there is adequate housing stock available to transition people out of homelessness and into affordable housing is paramount to achieving Functional Zero. Click here to learn more about our work in housing and homelessness.


We support organizations that research, develop and foster evidence based policies that make state government more equitable, accountable, and representative.  We support organizations that educate the public to engage around these policies.