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The Community Funding Program of the Foundation supports public charities operating in the following fields of interest: environmental conservation, national and international public policy issues, human services and opportunities for children and youth.

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Welcome to Girls Inc. of Santa Fe!

Creating reading magic for Santa Fe students

Learning to read well is challenging for many of our community’s children. Currently, 72 percent of children enrolled in the Santa Fe Public Schools don’t read proficiently at grade level. This means they can’t fully access the materials they need to master the skills and knowledge we expect them to learn. This a serious systemic problem, since those who can’t read fall further and further behind as they move from grade to grade. If they cannot read well enough to obtain even a high school diploma, they are all but guaranteed a life of low earnings, frustration, disappointment and failure. Each year, approximately 1,300 Santa Fe Public Schools elementary school children need additional assistance with reading.

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Man aims to feed homeless on days other than Thanksgiving

David Wildes pulled up to the Interfaith Community Shelter at Pete’s Place with a load of food for Santa Fe’s homeless community — 20 boxes of jerk chicken and barbecue platters from a food truck, Abo’s Caribbean Kitchen.

The idea was simple, Wildes said: Do something nice for a group of people that often is either harshly judged or overlooked. He started raising money from friends and acquaintances to purchase meals from food truck owner Abo Dalrymple, a native of Trinidad, and distribute them to those in the city who are most in need.

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Turning the tide for disadvantaged students

For Capital High School student Sebastian Jowers, it all started with a binder.

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