Santa Fe’s Path to Functional Zero by 2026

Coordinating a Community-Based Strategic Plan

Nonprofits, direct service providers, the government, and funders often pursue the same ends, but there’s often overlap in some areas and gaps in others. A key step is to co-create a strategic plan that serves as a North Star for all funders and partners to look to when addressing homelessness.

Advancing a Centralized Data System

In the Santa Fe Area, there are two primary data platforms used by providers. This leads to gaps in the housing support system that leave people more vulnerable to experiencing homelessness longer. Moving to a centralized by-name system will allow funders and partners to move quickly and accurately in times of need.

Increasing Housing Availability

Currently, Santa Fe is in a housing shortage crisis along with a spike in housing costs. Making sure that there is adequate housing stock available to transition people out of homelessness and into affordable housing is paramount to achieving Functional Zero.