According to national study by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, Grantees Rank the Thornburg Foundation in the top 10 percent of funders for impact on their fields

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“Overall, Thornburg Foundation receives exceptionally positive grantee ratings compared to CEP’s dataset of more than 40,000 grantees from nearly 300 other funders. Thornburg Foundation is rated higher than the typical funder in CEP’s dataset for most measures throughout this report, and grantee ratings place the Foundation in the top 10 percent of funders for perceptions of impact on their fields, strength of relationships with the Foundation, and understanding of their organizations and contexts.

Strong Perceptions of Impact on Grantees ’ Fields and Communities

  • Thornburg Foundation grantees rate more positively than typical for the Foundation’s understanding of and impact on their fields and communities.
  • Grantee ratings place the Foundation in the top 10 percent of CEP’s dataset for its impact on and advancement of knowledge in their fields, as well as its effect on public policy.
  • The Foundation also receives some of the highest ratings in CEP’s dataset for the extent to which it understands the needs of grantees’ intended beneficiaries and the social, cultural, or socioeconomic factors that affect grantees’ work.
  • In open – ended comments, grantees highlight the Foundation’s leadership and policy work across their fields, with a number of grantees also referencing the Foundation’s deep understanding of needs in New Mexico.

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January 15, 2019