This three-year grant totaling $593,400 is part of a national and local philanthropic partnership to achieve functional zero homelessness in Santa Fe County.

SANTA FE – New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness announces two newly created critical positions for achieving functional zero homelessness in Santa Fe County. The Thornburg Foundation, Anchorum St. Vincent, Community Solutions and Santa Fe Community Foundation provided a three year funding commitment for the two positions with the goal of Santa Fe County achieving functional zero homelessness by 2026.

“The new positions will significantly help our organization be even more equipped to respond to the needs of those experiencing homelessness,” said Monet Silva, Executive Director of the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness. “The increased capacity is essential for us to achieve functional zero here in Santa Fe.”

“Communities across the US have achieved functional zero by creating by-name lists of homeless populations and carefully coordinating efforts among critical providers,” said Allan Oliver, Executive Director of Thornburg Foundation. “We’re learning from other communities and through a philanthropic partnership, we can help NMCEH create the key roles it will take to make Santa Fe the first functional zero community in New Mexico.”

The two new positions, System Improvement Lead and the Community Data Manager, will specifically address the known problems in the system of homelessness services in Santa Fe County and New Mexico by coordinating among service providers and stakeholders and improving data quality in collecting homelessness services data.

Jerry Jones, President & CEO of Anchorum St. Vincent said, “Building capacity for our nonprofits is core to our mission. We believe this funding for the two positions will dramatically improve our community’s success towards achieving functional zero in the next three years.”

Functional Zero is a nationally recognized measure of addressing homelessness with the goal of ensuring homelessness is rare and brief. “It ensures the number of people experiencing homelessness at any given time never exceeds the community’s capacity to ensure a positive exit,” stated Rosanne Haggerty, President & CEO of Community Solutions. 

“These roles at NMCEH will help ensure there are ample resources and coordinated efforts across sectors to alleviate housing insecurity and support our region’s most vulnerable individuals and families,” noted Christopher Goett, President & CEO of the Santa Fe Community Foundation.


The New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness works with over 80 agencies and partner providers around the state to offer comprehensive services, housing options, resources, funding and advocacy to support individuals and families that experience homelessness. They are a core partner of the S3 Santa Fe Housing Initiative, which is funded in part by the Thornburg Foundation, Anchorum St. Vincent, Community Solutions, and Santa Fe Community Foundation.