This article was originally published by the Water Desk.

The Water Desk is excited to announce the recipients of new grants to support water journalism connected to New Mexico and the Rio Grande Basin.

From the Rocky Mountains to the U.S.-Mexico border, the grantees will be reporting on a range of critical water issues facing the region, including climate change, public health, pollution, equity, funding, wildfires, infrastructure and more.

The nine awards, totaling $48,430, are being funded thanks to support from the Thornburg Foundation and Santa Fe Community Foundation. The recipients of the grants (in alphabetical order):

We’re grateful to the Thornburg Foundation and Santa Fe Community Foundation for their support of this program. The Water Desk maintains strict editorial independence from its funders and the University of Colorado. Funders of The Water Desk have no right to review or to otherwise influence stories or other journalistic content that is produced with the support of these grants. For more about our editorial independence, please see our funding page.

Congratulations and best of luck to our grantees. We’re excited to see the water journalism they produce!

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