Third-party evaluation confirms effectiveness of Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership

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A new external evaluation finds that Albuquerque Teacher Residents meet critical needs for New Mexico schools.

A recent external evaluation by the National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR) has verified the success of the Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership (ATRP) in preparing effective, diverse teachers for the realities of teaching in New Mexico classrooms, particularly in high-needs schools and subjects. The evaluation was commissioned in 2021 by the Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF)  and the Thornburg Foundation to assess the program’s first three years of implementation. 

NCTR’s evaluation found that ATRP residents were successfully prepared for the rigors of teaching in community-based schools, particularly when compared to typical new teachers. The evaluation also highlighted ATRP’s success in recruiting a diverse body of residents who better reflect the student body of New Mexico than the state’s current teacher workforce. Crucially, the ATRP program also addresses critical needs in Albuquerque schools, with residents overwhelmingly teaching in high-needs schools and subject areas—more so than their national peers. 

Dr. Ellen Bernstein, President of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation, stated, “This evaluation affirms the power of residencies to advance equity and social justice by combining high-quality clinical experiences and rigorous academics.” Over the past four years of ATRP, APS has hired 62 well-prepared, dedicated teachers who have committed two to three years of service to APS, with most ATRP completers indicating they intend to continue teaching in New Mexico.

Michael Weinberg, Education Policy Officer at the Thornburg Foundation, stated, “With teacher vacancy rates making national headlines and over 1,000 vacant licensed teaching positions open in New Mexico, programs like the Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership are more essential than ever. These evaluation results show ATRP’s efforts are effectively helping to equip diverse, well-prepared, dedicated teachers who are ready to teach in New Mexico.”

Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership is a collaboration between the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS), the Albuquerque Teachers Federation, and the College of Education and Human Sciences at the University of New Mexico. The Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership is unique for several reasons:

  • Residents co-teach alongside a master teacher for a full academic year.
  • Residents are typically embedded in ABC Community Schools, which New Mexico and Albuquerque Public Schools have also invested significantly in, serving a high percentage of high-needs students.
  • Residents concurrently take Master’s level education courses leading to Level One Licensure.
  • Residents receive a stipend during their year of student teaching, are guaranteed a teaching position in Albuquerque Public Schools upon completion, and commit to teaching for at least two years.

According to Dr. Marjori Krebs, Director of Residencies at UNM College of Education & Human Sciences, “We are gratified to see these positive results for ATRP from our external evaluation. We know from our own data that this is a positive program for all three partners, and especially our Teacher Residents. We look forward to partnering with New Mexico’s Public Education Department  and other teacher preparation programs in New Mexico to expand residencies around the state.”

The enactment of HB13 in 2022, sponsored by Representative Debbie Sariñana, expands the residency model across New Mexico and provides a minimum stipend of $35,000 for each resident. New Mexico is the first state in the nation to invest in future teachers through fully funding teacher residencies statewide. ATRP’s initial successes in teacher preparation demonstrate the strength of this residency model in helping to ensure a bright future for students and teachers in classrooms across New Mexico.


About the Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership

The Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership is founded on a strong collaborative relationship between APS, UNM, and ATF with the shared vision of educating high-potential, aspiring teachers who are invested in making a measurable and sustainable change toward equal education.

About the Thornburg Foundation

Thornburg Foundation is a family foundation that makes grants in the areas of good government reform, K-12 education, agriculture reform, water policy, and community funding. We work to catalyze high-impact outcomes using evidence to understand and solve systemic problems, engage stakeholders to drive policy reform, and create meaningful and lasting change.


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August 19, 2022